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 Established 2000

The next time you go outside take a close look at your uPVC doors, window frames, conservatory, soffits and guttering and I promise you will be surprised at how dirty and grubby they all look! The problem is that if you leave your uPVC for too long without washing or polishing it, you will end up with stains that will not be removable, leaving it looking old, dirty and needing replacement. When was the last time you had your guttering cleaned out? This needs to be done on an annual basis especially when living next to trees and foliage. Failure to do so will result in expensive property repairs!


This service has become very popular among customers who are selling their homes. As first impressions count, clean, brilliant-white uPVC doors and window the prospective homebuyer always notices frames. For a small cleaning fee have us amaze you with how well we can revitalize it all and help sell your house!