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Due to the governments "working at heights" directive, (Virtually banning the use of ladders) a window cleaner's job has now become far more complicated -- sometimes impossible -- and far more time consuming. That's just one of the reasons that so many of the more professional window cleaners are switching to window cleaning with Pure water fed poles. Brilliant results, safer window cleaning and easier access to those difficult-to-clean windows and frames.

Working up to an amazing five floors in height.


What are Pure water-fed poles?

A sophisticated water purification unit based in our van removes 100% of the impurities in tap water to create "totally pure" water. This purified water is stored in a large tank in the back of our van and then it is pumped up a lightweight telescopic water fed pole with a special brush head to give amazing spot free results.

Please note this is a low pressure system and not a High Pressure Jet Wash.

It is the specially purified aggresive water, not the water pressure that cleans.


The Pure Water will literally eat through dirt etc leaving the glass and any surface totally clean and spotless!

Because the water is devoid of any impurities & heavy metals, when it dries the glass is totally clean & spot fee. While your windows are cleaned, so are the frames at no extra charge.   Keeping your property maintained in pristine condition and cutting down on your decorating bills!  ( Traditional window cleaners rarely clean the frames at the same time. Those that do generally charge a healthy premium)


What are the advantages of having my windows cleaned with poles?

Your frames are cleaned as well as the glass every time you have a clean.

The Glass stays cleaner longer due to having no detergent residue left in the frames.

You can also have previously impossible to clean windows and skylights thoroughly washed with very little effort.

The system works brilliantly in the rain-enabling regular cleaning all year round, keeping your property in Tip Top condition!

Your windowsills are safe too from potential damage when ladders are rested against them to allow access to the upper floors.

No more six-inch deep ladder holes in your lawn and flowerbeds!  

Last but not least, because there are no chemicals involved, water fed poles are better for the environment.

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